We really need your support to help us organise activities, entertainment and occasions for the school to benefit your children.

Everything we raise goes back into the school.

We would really like mums, dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles to be part of it.

Without your help, we cannot provide these events.

Life is very busy but you could help in various ways.

How could you help?

Knowing people/organisations that could help

Helping prepare for events

Support during events

Ideas for events or additional events


Events we organise

Movie nights


Summer Fayres

Christmas Fayres

Tea and coffee at events


Reasons why you should get involved

You are vital to the success of the school

It’s totally flexible

You’ll feel more connected

You’ll be part of a great team

You can make a difference

We have contributed money towards:

Book bags

Water bottles

School trips


Leavers’ events and gifts

Come and join us for our next meeting

Children are always welcome too!

(Look out for our next meeting on the newsletter and the website calendar)

Help us to create rich opportunities and memorable experiences for our children

If you are unable to attend meetings, Sue and Joe are on the playground most days or feel free to contact us Joe 072929143453 Sue 07411185863

Or email